Problems with Making Money Online without Investment in India

Problems with Making Money Online without Investment in India

Earlier I have discussed how one can earn money online in India without any sort of investment. There is a clear-cut guide to building a profitable internet home business. But one has to face a lot of problems is he/she is determined to not to invest a single rupee in buying stuff required to work at home online. Like in any business buying & selling is involved, internet marketing is no exception. It takes money to earn money online.

First problems come with the appearance. Your blogger blog could be worth visiting as it is having contents of worth but I have seen many surfers avoiding to read blogspot blogs irrespective of the attractive design. It’s a question of trust and branding. Keeping aside the branding thing you can at least get a custom domain for your blogger blog to look professional. It will cost you $10 a year. Not much. Right?

You will get a lot of free hosting services around the web. They have limitations and problems. Blogspot hosts your free blog but you may find your blog deleted by Blogger claiming you are spamming the web. Frustrating indeed. It’s better to blog on self-hosted WordPress as long as the security is concerned.

To become a successful online marketer you need a combination of products like SEO tools, Keyword research tools, Content Rewriter, WordPress Plugins, Informational products, directory submitter, PLR articles and lot others. You might have to take membership to attend different webinars or forums in order to keep yourself updated and learn more useful tactics of earning money online. You may have to invest in freelancers to get your outsourced work done.

Those who are still clicking ads, reading emails should stop by now. Because this is in no way a viable way to earn money online in India. Don’t just get tempted as because it is free to join. Do not forget that your time is money. You should not afford to waste your time. Try to do something meaningful.

And one of the pathetic problems is that fraudsters take chances of selling products containing information about how one can earn money online for free which is available for free on the internet.

My motive was to change the mindset of those looking for free online opportunities to get rich soon. No shortcut. You have to become a part of this buying-selling process directly or indirectly in order to make money online from home. Have a businessman like an attitude and try different projects. You would surely get the return on your investment.

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